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Lead Python Engineer at Nord Security

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Warsaw,Poland | Sep 09, 2023

Our **Threat Intelligence team** is dedicated to providing accurate and timely information on potential threats to our products. Our team of skilled professionals from various fields, including Data Science, Malware Research, Development, and Privacy, are focused on achieving a common goal by utilizing feeds, heuristics, algorithms, and machine learning. ### Main Responsibilities + Take leadership over project work according to OKRs of Python development team; + Keep team spirit high by mentoring, inspiring, carrying out development plan, build trust; + Design, discuss, get buy-in and carry on implementation for future-proof architectural solutions, including micro-services, data flows, contracts, databases; + Work closely with EMs and other teams, speak on behalf of Python development team; + Keep managers up to date about the progress and soft areas; + Ensure high code standards and quality, pursue for most of result while still producing maintainable, readable, testable, secure, DRY, SOLID, KISS code; + Always think big, provide and discuss new ideas in the field of cybersecurity; + Conduct code reviews, provide feedback, organize team demos; + Assess the effects and risks for the entire … Read more