We provide great features and benefits to Premium Job Postings.You can find detailed description of those features below.

Direct Email to Developers

Once approved your post will be send automatically to our opt-in developers list by e-mail.

Tweet Your Job to 7800+ Developers

Same like e-mail, we will tweet your job to our followers via our accounts @djangojobsnet + @djangolinks .

Job Insights

Recruiters can access job performance metrics by time & Who is viewed their job information.
Review all Djangojobs.Net Developer Profiles

Social Media Posting

We will post your job to Facebook, Google Plus communities and Linkedin groups. Your job will be visible to thousands of Django Python developers.

%100 Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide "RePost Guarantee"
If you can't find your talent in publishing period

PDF Resumes

Direct download access to PDF Resumes of your Applicant Djangojobs.Net Developer Profiles

Publish Your Post to Our Network

We publish your job in our Django network sites. DjangoLinks.com, FreeDjangoHosting.com.

Extended Publish Time

Unlike the basic plan, your job will stay highlighted for 90 days on the front page of job listings to give you more visibility.

Highlighted Job Listing

We highlight your job posting with Premium badge in job list so it's easily identified between all jobs.We also show your HQ logo.Great for branding



$119 Per Job

  • 45 Days
  • Standart Job listing on Djangojobs.Net
  • Twitter post to our 2600+ developer followers


$299 Per Job

  • 90 Days
  • Highlighted Job listing on Djangojobs.Net
  • Twitter post to our 7800+ developer followers
  • Insights & Who is viewed your job statistics
  • Social media posting
  • Direct email to each developer on our opt-in list
  • Publish your post to our Django Network sites
  • Direct Access to PDF Resumes of Applicants in Djangojobs.Net Developer Profiles

Jobs Package

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