General Questions

$299 per ad for premium listings, and $119 for basic listings.

Basic is a listing plan, for companies who has limited budget for job posting.
We publish basic listings for 45 days in our job board, we also tweet your listing to @djangojobsnet followers in twitter.

Premium is a listing plan for bigger companies who need to reach more Django developers and coders.
We also tweet your listing to @djangolinks along with @djangojobsnet followers so totally to 7000 Python & Django Programmers.
Premium listings are also featured on ,,
We publish premium listing for 90 days in our job board as highlighted so developers can easily identify your job among others.
We send direct email to developers and job seekers who have subscribed to our mailing list.
We post your job to our Facebook DjangojobsNet page.
We post your job to our Linkedin GroupDjangoJobsNet-4758729 and many other Django and job listing Linkedin groups.
We post your job to our Google Plus Page followers currently 700+ and many other Django and communities.

90 days for premium, 45 days for basic plan job posts. After that, listings are automatically removed from the job listing page.But it will be accessible from social media and search engine listings even it has been removed from job listing.

You can edit all job details from your Recruiter Dashboard.

For security concerns we only allow update on some fields after we publish your job.It's still possible to update other fields as follows...Click "Renew" button from your Recruiter Dashboard.Create clone job which is exact copy of your published job then do necessary changes on this new cloned job and resubmit it to us.We will update published job based on these changes.

In addition to listings being featured on Djangojobs.Net, premium listings are also featured on our Network Sites and on Social Media groups and Communities that are targeted to the job seekers you’re hoping fill your position. Facebook,Linkedin,Google Plus Together, these sites capture thousands of page views every month and hundreds of thousands of unique visitors.

Yes. You can find your invoice at invoices section of your dashboard.

Other Questions

Some employers receive many applicants, while others receive only a few.
This most likely related with your job listing content
Do you have "About Us" section in your job posting text? Do you offer a relocation package?
What kind of clients you work with?
What are your job perks? Quality of your job post content will affect applicants

33% off the listed prices for basic and premium plans.Contact Us to get your discount.
We may reject your job posting if we think it's spam etc, We will refund your money if your job has not been approved.
We promise 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.If you are unhappy with your premium listing request a repost within 30 days after your listing expires.
We are manually approving all jobs after your posting.So please wait for our check you will be notified with email when your job started to publishing.