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WalkSource is a staffing and recruiting company that helps businesses find top talent for their organizations.

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Sunnyvale,Ca,United States | Nov 04, 2014

# About Us WalkSource is a platform for buying and selling hotel rooms. We started a few months ago with a solution to a painful, yet largely neglected, problem: hotel overbooking. Hotels sell more rooms than they have, because 4 to 7% of all their reservations will be cancelled or guests are simply will not show up. But selling more rooms means that sometimes there will be a guest that hotel will not have a room for. Before WalkSource front desk agents had to pick up the phone and call around, sometimes for a few hours. On WalkSource this process takes just a few minutes. Just after a couple of months after the launch of our beta in San Francisco Bay Area we saw great traction: 650+ rooms requested and 2,200+ rooms are offered by other hotels every month. It makes sense if you realize what we do: we make the market more liquid. Our big vision is to make WalkSource a marketplace for selling and buying hotel rooms; last-minute and for future dates as well. # Job Description We … Read more


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