Senior Django Engineer at WalkSource

Sunnyvale,CA,United States
Nov 04, 2014

About Us

WalkSource is a platform for buying and selling hotel rooms. We started a few months ago with a solution to a painful, yet largely neglected, problem: hotel overbooking. Hotels sell more rooms than they have, because 4 to 7% of all their reservations will be cancelled or guests are simply will not show up. But selling more rooms means that sometimes there will be a guest that hotel will not have a room for. Before WalkSource front desk agents had to pick up the phone and call around, sometimes for a few hours. On WalkSource this process takes just a few minutes.

Just after a couple of months after the launch of our beta in San Francisco Bay Area we saw great traction: 650+ rooms requested and 2,200+ rooms are offered by other hotels every month.

It makes sense if you realize what we do: we make the market more liquid. Our big vision is to make WalkSource a marketplace for selling and buying hotel rooms; last-minute and for future dates as well.

Job Description

We move fast, but we want to be moving at the speed of light in terms of releasing new features and eliminating tech debt. That's why we need a senior engineer on our team.

These are the types of problems that we're working on now:

Our big vision is to be a B2B marketplace for hotel rooms, so in the future the problems will be more interesting, e.g. real-time transactions, dealing with high load, etc.

Our stack is:

Our process is very lean, we strive to push to production multiple times a day. We would love you to contribute to it as well.


We are currently located in Sunnyvale, but at the beginning of 2015 we are stoked to be moving to San Francisco. Keep in mind that this isn’t a remote position, but if you are authorized to work in the U.S. (H1B transfer possible), we'll cover your cost of moving here.

Why Us?

We have almost everything in place: amazing team with diverse skills, VC funding, and, of course, passion to make it happen, but we need great people to help us on our way.

There are marketplaces for all kinds of commodities: stocks, oil, grain, but with almost 5,000,000 hotel rooms just in the US, there is no centralized marketplace. Nobody did it before. We have a chance to change the whole industry!

We also provide great perks:


Work Schedule:



100,000 - 130,000

How to Apply

Position is expired. Thanks for your interest.