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The Interaction Consortium is a design and development firm that creates digital products and experiences.

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Senior Python / Django Developer at The Interaction Consortium

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Sydney,Australia | Jan 04, 2018

We're looking for a Senior Python/Django Developer to join our team. We're a small but perfectly formed web software development studio based in Sydney. We attract clients who have fun, interesting problems, and we build web systems to solve those problems. Several of our clients are museums, cultural institutions and startups, so our work tends to have adventurous technology which we get to show off in exciting ways. You're likely to work with a medley of technologies, ranging from API and database design, Django system design, through to testing, deployment and performance. We care deeply about the technologies we use—for example, we use Docker for scalable elastic deployments, we invest in automated testing and in building reusable products for our clients. Every so often you'll help to open-source our code, and to contribute to the open-source projects we like to use. Strangely enough, knowledge of Python/Django isn't as crucial as being a good developer who is always keen to learn new technologies. Here's what we're specifically looking for: - Experience in building products and platforms using web frameworks—in Django on … Read more