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ReadWorks is a nonprofit organization that provides teachers with research-based instructional materials to improve reading comprehension. Our mission is to help teachers improve their teaching and improve student outcomes by providing them with high-quality instructional materials and resources.

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Lead Django Developer / Full Stack Engineer at Readworks

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Brooklyn,Ny,United States | Jul 24, 2014

Winner of the 2014 SIIA CODiE award (recognizing excellence in the software & information industries) for **Best Reading/English/ELL Instructional Solution**, and the 2014 REVERE Award (from the Association of American Publishers) for best **Supplemental Resource, Reading and Language Arts**, the nonprofit ReadWorks ( is the leading early-stage venture in the United States for impacting teaching and learning in reading comprehension, using research-based curriculum and teacher guidance, delivered freely, within an innovative online model. To complete our evolution from market disruptor to the most impactful entity in the world in improving literacy, we seek an ambitious candidate to lead all aspects of technical development. The Job --- This is a high-profile, **founder** level role. It is a rare opportunity to lead what is essentially a new, start-up technology product cycle, within a national market leader, with one of the largest and most loyal user bases in the market. You will be responsible for deploying and quickly iterating full stack solutions for powering our Django web platform, providing teachers and students digital tools that will transform U.S. K-12 and global education. Specific … Read more