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Software Engineer To Build The Next Generation Parking Platform at Parkwhiz

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Chicago,Il,United States | Jan 09, 2014

# Job Description ParkWhiz is looking for an experienced software engineers to help us build the parking platform of the future. You'll get some challenging problems to work on - complex pricing models, GIS/geospatial data, transaction processing, mobile apps - and flexibility to choose the best tools for the job. We have loads of exciting projects in the pipeline, and are looking for somebody to help architect and implement these new initiatives. # Skills & Requirements ## Technology * You know how to leverage Django and other tools to build stable, long-lived systems that make future additions and maintenance a breeze * You are fluent in one or more backend scripting languages (Python, Perl, Ruby, etc), and stay up-to-date on best practices and community-recommended libraries and toolchains * You have experience finding your way through legacy systems * You easily model any real-world concept with appropriate data structures * You try to future-proof everything you create by minimizing built-in assumptions * You write DRY code * You can confidently work with HTML, CSS, and Javascript (though you aren't necessarily a … Read more