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Lightmatter is a Boston-based startup that develops photonic AI processors for use in applications such as natural language processing, computer vision, and autonomous vehicles. Their technology is designed to be faster, more energy-efficient, and more scalable than traditional electronic processors.

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Engineering Manager at Lightmatter

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
New York City,Ny,United States | Jun 02, 2022

#Who We Are For more information about how our team thinks and operates, read our company Playbook. #Why Are We Hiring? Our team is hiring Engineering Managers (EMs)to pair with junior engineers, work hand-in-hand with our Project Managers, and to provide subject matter expertise to clients throughout the lifecycle of our engagements with them. Our EMs help their teams manage workloads, prioritize tickets, and work through bugs and blockers on a daily basis. This role is critical to our Engineering team and to the continued growth and success of Lightmatter. #More About The Role As an EM at Lightmatter, you'll work directly with our CTO, Design team, and other engineers on a variety of software projects covering different programming languages, frameworks, and application architectures. We treat EMs as half “lead developers” and half “people managers”. You’ll be supervising others while also doing some of the day to day work, which requires you to stay nimble and fluid. Generally, we build a team around an Engineering Manager: the EM communicates with clients, makes technical decisions, pairs with team members and reviews … Read more