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KiWi is a mobile payment and loyalty platform that enables businesses to offer customers convenient and secure payment options.

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Lead Python (Django) Developer at Kiwi

Remote: No | Relocation: Yes
Lausanne,Switzerland | Sep 28, 2020

KiWi is a Swiss-Mexican fintech startup, founded in 2014, on a mission to offer a peace of mind to micro-entrepreneurs in emerging markets. They are offering a Point of Sales app that allows merchants to keep up with their customers' needs and grow their business. KiWi is currently operating in Mexico and has plans to expand to other emerging markets in the near future. KiWi is looking for an experienced and motivated Lead Python (Django) Developer to join the HQ in Lausanne, full time. In this role, you will lead the enhancement of our back-end (Python/Django) in close collaboration with your back-end teammates and our front-end developers (Flutter; Angular 8). KiWi helps bring the fintech solutions to micro-entrepreneurs that have been let down by the tech and banking industries. Join their mission to make the lives of micro-entrepreneurs easier! As a member of the Tech team, you will: - Take over, improve and collaborate on an existing Python/Django codebase - Perform major and minor day-to-day development tasks as needed - Participate in code reviews and practice test-driven software development - … Read more