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Telecommute Django Web Developer at Fanpictor

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Zurich,Switzerland | Feb 26, 2014

FANPICTOR is a young company in the field of sports marketing and sponsorship activation based in Zürich, Switzerland. Our service enables sports fans to develop messages for their favorite team/athlete (i.e. choreographies/mosaics) online and share them with their friends to vote for them. The message with the most votes will be executed offline in the stadium where the event takes place. We need a WEB DEVELOPER FANPICTOR is looking for a webdeveloper who is motivated to contribute to a startup company and enjoys teamwork. FANPICTOR‘s online appearance is built based on the Django (Python) framework and our web app makes extensive use of Javascript. We are seeking for a developer with the following profile to improve our website and application: - experience with web development in Python; Django or «Django CMS» is a plus - experience with git / github based deployment workflow is a plus - familiarity with HTML / CSS templating and javascript, knowledge of javascript frameworks is a plus - basic knowledge of unix web servers - interest in learning new technology - team orientation is a …Read more


Email: admin@djangojobs.net