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Remote Freelance Django Developer For Small Project at The Bernard Group

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Minneapolis,Mn,United States | Aug 20, 2014

We are looking for an experienced Django developer for a relatively small project. We have an existing Django application, developed in-house, which is used for creating parametrized queries against our ERP and eCommerce systems. The application exports the results as CSV data. We would like to enhance the capabilities of this tool to support additional output formats (primarily Excel), as well as provide an HTML view of queried data that supports paging, searching, and filtering. Applicant must have experience in Python, Django, git / github, Postgres, JSON, and Setuptool 0.7+ application packaging. Read more

Experienced Django Developer For Fantasy Sports Platform at Touchpoint Games

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Baltimore,Md,United States | Apr 09, 2014

Hello, We're looking for an experienced django developer to join our team and help expand our fantasy sports platform. We're a small four-person team and we need help growing and adding new sports to our platform. Your responsibilities would include adding new sports, implementing a customer-facing admin, working with the end-user game sites, and much more. We primarily use django with postgres. Please include an example of your work when submitting an application. Read more