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Senior Django Developer at Do Gooder

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Sydney,Nsw,Australia | Apr 05, 2016

Introduction ========= We're looking for passionate social good technologists who give a damn to join us on our mission to hack open democracy. We're expanding our global campaign platform for good across the world and we're looking for a senior developer to help us get there. The platform, developed and maintained by our CTO, himself a Django core developer and a team of experienced UX designers and activists has been operating for 4 years and is on the cusp of accelerated growth. We're hacking open democracy by creating powerful advocacy tools that make our voices harder to ignore in the halls of power. We're just getting started and already we've helped show what's possible when you give pro campaigners the tools they need to succeed. We’ve fundraised to save rainforests in Ecuador, supported independent media, helped save Australia's Tasmanian forest from World Heritage delisting, saved solar energy tariffs, supported conservation of wildlife, helped Oregon in the US go coal free, reduced human rights abuses in multiple countries and even helped save Beagle puppies from chemical testing. Our platform is robust, … Read more