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Django Developer at Gizmag

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Melbourne,Vic,Australia | Jun 03, 2015

Gizmag is an online magazine covering all things science, technology and innovation. Our goal is to inspire people to create a better future, and we’re growing rapidly, with a monthly audience of six million people from all around the globe. We need another **Django developer** to join our small team in Melbourne, Australia (office in Carlton). It would be great if you are located in Melbourne, **but we are open to telecommuting** provided you are experienced, self-motivated and **in the Australian Eastern standard time zone.** The site is powered by our home-grown **content management system**. **Our stack includes** - Python/Django - PostgreSQL - Redis - Bootstrap - SASS - Angular JS - CoffeeScriptRead more

Remote Freelance Senior Python / Django Developer at Quibox Digital Ltd

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
London,United Kingdom | Jul 11, 2015

We are recruiting a senior Python / Django developer, who shares our passion for developing great solutions. The developer will have to write and explain code. Experience with libraries such as BeautifulSoup is positive. Selected candidate will be involved in the development of our software. This is a freelance / remote job; you can apply from anywhere since you will be working from your own place. You will be measured on: --- - The quality of your code. Your code will have to be structured well and be as bug-free as possible. - Speed. To keep up you’ll need to be productive, proactive and get products completed quickly. - Your ability to work with others. We are working towards the same goals and we want people that will get along well with us. A few reasons why you might love it: --- - You will have autonomy to do incredible things. - You will learn new cutting-edge technologies. - Your success will be recognized and appreciated. And a few reasons why you might hate it: --- - You don’t want …Read more

Remote Django And Front-End Coder at

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Brighton,United Kingdom | Jul 02, 2015

Hi, This is Potential long-term role for a versatile Django and Front-end coder We'd love to get another web developer on our team. We're a small agency with a diverse set of projects - from brochure sites to complex web apps - using a range of technologies with Django being the common element. Some familiarity with angular and react would be useful - the former for maintenance and the latter for future projects. Also helpful is some ability with dev-ops - Ansible and Fabric in particular (although we've got our eye on Docker-based technology as well). If you are interested then please respond. Send us a link to your Github or Bitbucket profile and anything else you thing might be useful.Read more

Remote Senior Python Programmer at Azure Standard

Remote: Yes | Relocation: Yes
Dufur,Or,United States | May 12, 2015

#Job Title Senior Python Programmer # Job description Azure Standard is looking for a motivated, experienced Python & Django developer to join our small, agile team. Ship code that matters to real people, across Azure's warehouse management system, ERP, and e-commerce site. The work is diverse, mixing cutting edge technologies (docker, real time browser push, industrial automation) and legacy systems with expert craftsmanship. We are particularly interested in someone who has helped make demonstrable improvements to the quality of larger code bases. This job is open to applicants who would like to work remotely. ## Requirements - Demonstrated ability. - Self-motivation with attention to details. - Ability to work remotely with a team. - Competence with: Linux, Git, Python, Agile methods. ## Desired Additional Experience - Python - Django - AngularJS - DevOps - Docker ## About the company Azure Standard is a (nearly) nationwide distributor of organic / real food. Our vision is to bring greater abundance & health to all. We have been in business for about 30 years, are growing steadily and plan for sustainable growth & …Read more

Remote Sr Django/ Python Developer at quintela group

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Houston,Tx,United States | Apr 29, 2015

**ABOUT US** --- Have you ever taken a personality test or skills test during a job application process? Yeah, some tests can be a pain, but they do help candidates and companies identify good fits. Have you ever had a bad job or boss? Yeah, sucks much worse. We build custom test applications for Fortune 500s to help them identify the best fits. **OUR CULTURE** --- - We are driven to solve client's problems with little to no boundaries - We are a small team of very sharp individuals with no tolerance for corporate politics and BS - We use modern technology stack and encourage our team to be the best - We have flexible hours dictated only by project demands - We don't work on boring, repetitive projects - We HATE micromanagement **RESPONSIBILITIES** --- - Develop backend services using Python/Django - Develop frontend web applications using JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, and AngularJS - Balance long term code health and maintainability with business needs **QUALIFICATIONS** --- - BS degree in Computer Science or related field along with relevant work experience - …Read more

Remote Freelance Senior Python Developer (Django / Postgres) at mysoochi

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Fremont,Ca,United States | Apr 28, 2015

Hello, We are looking for a python developer to support our site 1. You must be experienced in developing dynamic web applications using django framework and postgres 2. Easy going and ability to deliver solutions in a timely manner. If you are interested in helping this exciting start up, please send the following to 1. Resume 2. Examples of previous relevant work 3. References with emails and phone numbers. 4. github and any relevant accounts. Thanks, looking forward to speaking with youRead more

Remote Freelance Django Developer at European Company

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Amsterdam,Netherlands | May 12, 2014

About us: ---- We are team of people that started small company which business is an information transfer. At the moment we are in process of creating a system that will change the way advertising is delivered and thought of. If you are: --- - interested in working with the small team of people remotely that respect your schedule - is self-driven in achieving your goal and prefer quality over quantity - interested in working with the newest technologies - decide on the company technological future - have a will to work parallel to your current assignments (sometimes out of working hours) and earn money for that - potentially own a share of the company - decide yourself on your own pace and time of working - potentially dedicate 20% of your working time on experimentation if that role will go permanently - have friendly and respecting colleagues that treat you as friend and not as subordinate - have non-less than 5 years of working experience Then this job is for you! Technically speaking we are looking for Linux-based python …Read more

Telecommute Django Web Developer at Processlynx AG

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Basel,Switzerland | Mar 31, 2014

About Us --- Processlynx AG is a company within the Datalynx Holding AG Switzerland, which has a long history in successfully consulting IT departments of small and medium-sized companies around the world. We’re currently building a major new public Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud in Switzerland in partnership with Green Datacenter AG and Red Hat – Swiss Web Services. This undertaking is considered strategically vital by the company and involves delving into the uncharted reaches of new technologies, such as the latest versions of OpenStack. We’re looking for a motivated web developer to engage with the web-facing components of our cloud and drive them forward. In the short term, this means you’ll be getting stuck in with developing and deploying our web interfaces, including our main UI based on OpenStack Horizon. In the longer term, as our team expands, you’ll transition to conducting R&D both to deliver new products and features to our customers and to develop future versions of our cloud as a whole. In return we can promise that you’ll learn a lot and have ample opportunity and support to develop …Read more

Telecommute Django Web Developer at Fanpictor

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Zurich,Switzerland | Feb 26, 2014

FANPICTOR is a young company in the field of sports marketing and sponsorship activation based in Zürich, Switzerland. Our service enables sports fans to develop messages for their favorite team/athlete (i.e. choreographies/mosaics) online and share them with their friends to vote for them. The message with the most votes will be executed offline in the stadium where the event takes place. We need a WEB DEVELOPER FANPICTOR is looking for a webdeveloper who is motivated to contribute to a startup company and enjoys teamwork. FANPICTOR‘s online appearance is built based on the Django (Python) framework and our web app makes extensive use of Javascript. We are seeking for a developer with the following profile to improve our website and application: - experience with web development in Python; Django or «Django CMS» is a plus - experience with git / github based deployment workflow is a plus - familiarity with HTML / CSS templating and javascript, knowledge of javascript frameworks is a plus - basic knowledge of unix web servers - interest in learning new technology - team orientation is a …Read more

Remote Senior Django Developer With Python And Tdd Expertise For … at Bountyful Coins

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
San Francisco,Ca,United States | Feb 20, 2014

###About us: Bountyfulcoins Startup Bitcoin Platform has easy problems to solve. We are extending functionality to our new platform with rapid iterations. We are a platform to aggregate all types of bounties from all the numerous bitcoin and altcoin projects. ###Why Choose us: We have lots of bounties with new jobs if you like variety and stimulation. If you like new and varied projects in bitcoin, you'll have pick of the best. ###Skills: ####We are seeking the following skills - Python Expertise - Django Rapid development expertise - Test Driven Development - Github deployment expertise ###Responsibilities: - Deliver one new functionality module to platform into production each day for the marketing team to announce to customers and industry - Review pull requests to Bountyful github repo by members that want to contribute code - Instruct Bountyful Coin team on Django/Python best practices - Identify Django & Python Opensouce code projects that would compliment and extend Bountyful Coins functionality ###Requirements: - Github projects that show Django/Python/Test Driven Development projects - PGP for email privacy - Willing to accept payments in bitcoins …Read more