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Software Engineer at Payperks

Remote: No | Relocation: No
New York City,Ny,United States | Oct 29, 2013

PayPerks is a financial capability and rewards platform for low– and middle–income (LMI) consumers. We're looking for developers to help us work on interesting and challenging problems as we scale to millions of users. If you're smart, take pride in your work and want to learn from (and teach) other developers within a very cohesive team, this is definitely the right place for you. We're agile, do test-driven development, lots of pair programming and take code quality very seriously (we have a full test harness and automated CI environment). No ninjas, jedis or divas. Developing is a team sport here. ##You're familiar with most of these, and are interested in learning ones you don't yet know: * Python * Django / Flask * MongoDB * MySQL or PostgreSQL * some knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript ##Some of the problems we're currently working on: * scaling and deploying Django web apps to a cloud-based infrastructure * abstracting and open sourcing Django plugins we've developed * constantly improving and coming up with better ways to test our code NOTE: Because of … Read more