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Django Developer For Two Startups at Foundation Optics

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Washington,Dc,United States | Oct 03, 2014

I am seeking a top-notch Django developer to help with two exciting startups that build and distribute Matlab software: - One startup develops software for high-level drawing functions in Matlab. There seems to be a big interest among Matlab users for more-advanced drawing functions. - The other startup develops software in Matlab for the design of advanced microscopes, cameras, and telescopes. Some of the software was originally developed at NASA. A single Heroku app runs both websites since the two websites are so similar to each other. Json files specify the company-specific content that gets served to each website. A business opportunity to explore is offering to host other companies through the same Heroku app. There are a lot of companies that commercialize their own custom Matlab software, and they may appreciate this service. I am a make-sure-it-is-bug-free-the-first-time kind of programmer, and I would appreciate the same!! I can work only with people located in the United States since I don't know yet how various international issues work. Read more