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Remote Freelance Senior Python / Django Developer at Quibox Digital Ltd

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
London,United Kingdom | Jul 11, 2015

We are recruiting a senior Python / Django developer, who shares our passion for developing great solutions. The developer will have to write and explain code. Experience with libraries such as BeautifulSoup is positive. Selected candidate will be involved in the development of our software. This is a freelance / remote job; you can apply from anywhere since you will be working from your own place. You will be measured on: --- - The quality of your code. Your code will have to be structured well and be as bug-free as possible. - Speed. To keep up you’ll need to be productive, proactive and get products completed quickly. - Your ability to work with others. We are working towards the same goals and we want people that will get along well with us. A few reasons why you might love it: --- - You will have autonomy to do incredible things. - You will learn new cutting-edge technologies. - Your success will be recognized and appreciated. And a few reasons why you might hate it: --- - You don’t want …Read more

Full Stack Web Developer at VirtualNet Digital Agency

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Sao Paulo,Brazil | May 25, 2015

**You should probably know about...** - Python & Django - Mercurial & Git - HTML, CSS & JavaScript **Things you should enjoy...** - Semantically marked up HTML - Unobtrusive JavaScript - Development & consumption of HTTP APIs - Internationalisation - Scaling applications across distributed machines - noSQL & SQL databases **Competitive Salary** R$ 12.000,00 ReaisRead more

Senior (Python) Software Engineer at PayPerks

Remote: No | Relocation: No
New York City,Ny,United States | May 21, 2015

We're looking for a **Senior Software Engineer** to help us work on interesting and challenging problems as we scale from hundreds of thousands to millions of users. If you're smart, take pride in your work and want to collaborate with other developers within a very cohesive team, this is definitely the right place for you. We're agile, do test-driven development, and take code quality very seriously (we have a full test harness and automated CI environment). The engineering team works very closely with the business and product teams to provide input and help define what we work on and what we propose to our partners. No ninjas, jedis or divas. Developing is a team sport here. You're familiar with most of these, and are interested in learning ones you don't yet know: * Python * Django / Flask * MySQL or PostgreSQL * Queues As we are a small team, your work will make a direct impact on everything we do. While this role is primarily backend focused, you'll have opportunity to expand across the stack, so it's a plus …Read more

Senior Full-Stack Developer at Traction

Remote: No | Relocation: No
San Francisco,Ca,United States | May 19, 2015

*** summary *** ### We Need a dev who: * primarily works on back-end tech but also great with JS * loves Python and likes other languages such as Ruby, Java, PHP * able to lead and architect projects * knows databases * is a great communicator and likes people * Good with clients ### We are a San Francisco Interactive Advertising agency who: * loves to do great detailed work * loves to work together to accomplish great things * has great benefits (healthcare, 401K match, flex-time, etc…) * believes in a work-life balance * has 2 bright and airy offices, centrally located close to bike lanes and transit in one of the City's most exciting neighborhoods *** end summary *** We are looking for a versatile developer whose main focus is on the back-end while having advanced javascript skills and working knowledge of markup. While our primary back-end languages are Python and some Ruby, the ideal candidate will be somewhat language agnostic and be excellent at picking up new languages and technologies. In addition to overseeing architecture of …Read more