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Remote Django Developer Who Loves Linux And Open Source -- … at 5 Monkeys Agency

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Remote | Jun 01, 2023

Do you love Python, Django, Linux and FLOSS? Then you should work remotely with us at 5 Monkeys Agency! We are a team of 20+ senior software engineers, designers and digital strategists delivering scalable digital platforms for large e-commerce players and ambitious startups. We develop exclusively in Django! We all share a passion for the development of scalable, secure and user friendly web applications. We love Python, Django, Linux and FLOSS! # We contribute to open source. ## You'll find contributions from us in major open source projects such as - Django - Ansible - Docker In addition we maintain a few open source projects ourselves. # Some examples include - [Djedi CMS]( - [django-bananas](, - [RESPX]( - [Kapten]( Share our passion for Django and FLOSS? Do you wish you had colleagues who cared deeply about open source? Apply now! Apply by connecting to _join.5monkeys.se_ via SSH and follow the instructions. The application process takes less than a minute and is entirely text-based. We know you share our love for the terminal! Read more

Software Engineer - Backend at Rapyuta Robotics

Remote: No | Relocation: Yes
Koto City,Tokyo,Japan | May 25, 2023

#### Description Our Tokyo engineering team is hiring a backend software engineer to work on one of the company’s key components, included in all of our product offerings. The team’s mission is to provide a solid, tested and performant database / API / messaging bus layer that is shared across our deployments. While the engineer’s role is focused on software development and good software engineering practice, our values encourage open discussion and being a good colleague. The position is available on site in Tokyo, Japan. Our official language is English. In this role, you will * Develop Rapyuta’s core components * Improve code quality at the same time * Collaborate with developers from other teams <br#### Requirements ### Minimum qualifications * 3~5 years Python experience, including 3.10~3.11 * Web frameworks (e.g. FastAPI or Django) * Databases (NoSQL or RDBMS, e.g. Redis or Postgres) * Test & build (pytest, GitHub Actions, Docker) ### Bonus points * Presented at a conference, even if something small * Can articulate technology choices, e.g. Tornado vs. Flask * Practical experience with asyncio or some messaging … Read more

Software Engineer, Python / Go at AssemblyAI

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Remote | May 04, 2023

**AssemblyAI is a remote-first AI company building powerful deep learning models for developers, startups, and enterprises to transcribe and understand their audio data.** **Our Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) models already outperform companies like Google, AWS, and Microsoft** - which is why hundreds of companies and thousands of developers are using our APIs to transcribe and understand millions of videos, podcasts, phone calls, and zoom meetings every day. Our APIs power innovative products like conversational intelligence platforms, zoom meeting summarizers, content moderation, and automatic closed captioning. AssemblyAI’s Speech-to-Text APIs are already trusted by Fortune 500s, startups, and thousands of developers around the world, with **well-known customers including Spotify, Algolia, Dow Jones, Happy Scribe, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, and NBCUniversal.** As part of a huge and emerging market, AssemblyAI is well on its way to becoming the leader in speech recognition and NLP. **We're growing at breakneck speed, and recently announced our Series B round. We've raised $63M in total funding,** and are backed by leading investors including Insight Partners, Accel, Y Combinator, Patrick and John Collision (Founders of Stripe), Nat … Read more

Senior Backend Software Engineer (Python) (F/M/D) at Oniq

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
Remote | Apr 20, 2023

##### What you will do Our development team works in a self-managed and self-organized manner according to agile and DevOps principles and practices. You will work on developing our backend, data and cloud infrastructure. This is a role where you will work end-to-end on building production software for getting data from our customers, transforming and processing the data to make it available for our frontend or our AI tools. Together with the development team you will:* Develop new features to generate insights for our customers, e.g., by processing customers manufacturing process data as well as using Process Mining technologies * Define and build APIs, add functionality to the frameworks backing our AI products and optimize processing of manufacturing data * Define and build our data processing framework and connectors from and to our customers systems * Co-define and implement new backend product features * Research new technologies and develop tech strategies in your domain * Participate in knowledge transfer across the team ##### What we expect from you * Enthusiasm for and willingness to familiarize yourself with a SaaS B2B … Read more