Program For Young Software Professionals (C++ And Python) at ASML

Oct 19, 2020

Introduction We are pleased to announce that ASML is now looking for young professionals with up to two years’ experience under their belts. The Program, which will start early next year, offers a unique blend of training in hard and soft skills.

Thanks to the enormous demand for our machines and in particular with the development of our newest and most advanced machine yet, we are looking for 25 software engineers who have a sound knowledge of C++ and Python, who are familiar with or open to working under the Agile software-development method, and who can start in January or February 2021.

Successful candidates will get plenty of hands-on experience working on projects where they can experiment in a supportive environment. They will also benefit from intensive training.

However, this is no ordinary training program, and it is certainly not an internship: incumbents will earn a full salary and enjoy industry-topping labor conditions.

If you’re keen to push the boundaries of the possible at one of the most world’s most advanced technology companies, headquartered in Europe’s top innovation hub, Brainport Eindhoven, we’d love you to apply.

Job Description Accurate measurement is the name of the game. If your application is successful, you will start out in our Metrology Department. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement.

Starting out: learning, and contributing, from day one. In the first few months, you’ll take part in an intensive training program.

Once you have completed this training, you will be ready to join one of the Metrology groups. Among other things, you will be:

Education In order for us to consider your application, you hold a bachelor’s or a master’s in Embedded Software Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related discipline.

Working experience You can have up to, but no more than, two years’ experience.

Personal skills We’re looking, not just for the right technical skills and experience, but for great colleagues. Thus, to succeed you should also:

What we offer At ASML, we recognize that, to attract and retain top talent, we need to offer industry-topping conditions.

So here’s what we offer:

In addition, if you have to move to the Netherlands, we offer help with relocation. That includes temporary housing, moving services for furniture and other belongings, and a relocation budget for the various costs associated with the move.

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How to Apply

Position fulfilled. Thanks for your interest.