Remote Django / Front-End Developer Required For Ongoing Ad Hoc Work at Ixxy

Brighton,United Kingdom
Oct 15, 2020

We're a small web development agency with a couple of founder/employees and a few regular freelance developers - some local and some overseas. We are looking to increase our capacity and would like to find someone to work with us on a semi-regular basis.

The work will sometimes be intermittent ranging from weeks where we may need someone to work practically full time to weeks where there may only be the odd bug fix. Hopefully the volume of work will increase over time as it has with our current freelancers. We ensure we plan our project schedules ahead of time wherever possible with our freelancers so they can balance their commitment to us with their other client work.

We manage a diverse set of projects - from brochure sites to complex web apps - using a range of technologies with Django being the common element.

Familiarity with modern HTML and CSS is essential as well as an ability to get up to speed with various front end frameworks as necessary. A good intuition for user experience and usability is of course a huge benefit for any front-end tasks. We don’t need you to be a dedicated designer but you should be able to create pages and elements that look clean and professional.

Also helpful is a competency in dev-ops - Ansible or Docker as well as general Unix server and database skills.

Front end wise - We are looking for a web designer who help us go from mockup or concept to high-quality, modern responsive HTML5/CSS3. It would be really useful to have sufficient javascript knowledge to manage a modern complex website - i.e you won't be building an app but you'll need to be confident enough to create fluid, modern UI's with a combination of 3rd party and your own code.

Please send links to any portfolio, Github, Bitbucket, Stackoverflow profiles or anything else you think will be useful.


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Position fulfilled. Thanks for your interest.