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Jan 23, 2020

Amsterdam/Rotterdam 32-40 hours

Setting up a complete Django project from scratch or supporting Devops with the installation of a managed server; you are able to deal with it all. Within a project team, you will be working with other talented developers and designers on ambitious and award-winning projects for companies such as Lowlands, IKEA, Lakenhal and Viktor&Rolf.

"Without a solid foundation, a project cannot reach great heights. As a back-end developer you are an essential part of this foundation."

What does a back-end developer do at Fabrique?

Together with the front-end developers, you make the developed sites and web applications become a working reality. Of course you will be involved in every project from the very beginning so that you can really influence what is being created and add value to the end result. For that you will need guts and communication skills. Spending your days coding while hidden away in a corner is not something you will be doing here. (Though of course you will be able to focus on your work when needed.)You will be using your technical knowledge, problem-solving attitude and the freedom to make your own choices to bring our back-end solutions to the next level. Will a managed VPS be sufficient or do we need to use the power of AWS or Google Cloud? Is there speed to be gained through caching or other optimizations? Is an API-based solution the right choice or will it cause extra problems? Does an optimized CI/CD pipeline make your heart beat faster? Are you a shell-ninja who can revive an ailing server, or do you just want to write robust python code? It all works for us. What we find especially important is that you have broad interests and are able to teach yourself new techniques quickly. That's what counts in our beautiful, ever-changing business.

Our stack

Here's a sample of our back-end stack: Python, Django, Linux, NginX, Apache, PostgreSQL, Redis, Postfix, SSH, Supervisor, Iptables, Elasticsearch and Gunicorn.Technical infrastructure, our own and our customers', is always familiar territory for you. Back-end is one of the few disciplines that can provide good insight into the complex connections between systems. And making a thorough technical design is part of a well-executed project. This is also an area that you can shine in.

The team

Can’t see the forest for the code? Don’t worry. Your colleagues are there to bounce ideas off. We're a real team, so you're never alone. You will be working on kick-ass projects for well-known national and international brands together with other talented Fabriquers.

Your skillset

What do you get in return?

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