Django Developer at Straits Interactive

Singapore,SingaporeNov 27, 2018

About Us:

Straits Interactive delivers end to end governance, risk and compliance solutions that enable businesses to create a trusted business environment and achieve responsible marketing, especially in the area of data privacy and protection. We help businesses achieve operational compliance and manage risks through a combination of cloud technology and professional services and enable platform interactions.

By adopting a life-cycle approach to operational compliance and risk management, organisations are able to:

  • Assess risks and compliance status
  • Protect against these risks and implement policies/practices
  • Sustain compliance efforts through audits, training and ongoing monitoring
  • Respond to queries or incidents
  • Software-as-a-service include the SpiderGate Do-Not-Call Management System, Data Protection - - Management System, Governance, Risk & Compliance System, all of which are supported by professional services that include advisory services, audits, and training.

Our company is at the forefront of building tools that help companies manage the personal data they hold and transact with on a daily basis. We are looking for a developer who understands the latest technologies and is able to run with it. Blockchain, AI / ML are some of the things we are considering and have ready customers.

You will be involved with the development and maintenance of tools to help companies with managing data privacy and other forms of compliance.

Some of the things in the pipeline include:

  • Video recognition for privacy audits
  • Policy Analysis and automation
  • Automatic risk configuration
  • Chatbots, Textual Analysis
  • Blockchain

Possible to be relocated to either Singapore or Malaysia


Work Schedule



60,000 - 72,000


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