Lead Developer at Back Market

Jun 07, 2018

ABOUT US Working at Back Market is an everyday mission, challenging and exciting. We’re looking for smart people who can help us create new solutions to develop ourselves. We truly think that the world needs more companies like us; we’re not only trying to show the world that other ways of consumption are possible but we’re also fighting against planned obsolescence by giving second life to electronics and reducing waste. We dare to create and follow our dreams, building solutions to make one of the greenest marketplace to rise up. We’re growing up amazingly fast, and we want to keep it that way. As a member of the BOT, you’ll be in charge of building the best experience possible for our customers and merchants. You will build the growth by coding, reviewing, learning and sharing your knowledge with others. We have ambition, that’s why a big part of your job will be helping us setting up new processes to reach our goals quicker. Human qualities are, for us, as much important as computer skills and the right people should fit with our values : #LOVE #JAJAJA #MARS #REAL #RESPHUMBLE #SWEAT WHAT YOU’LL BE DOING... Within the BOT and our european team located between Paris and Bordeaux, you’ll have to implement new features regarding the business and technical roadmaps of your feature team. “Did you say feature team ??” YEESSSSS WE DID 😁😁😁😁 We’re actually revamping our organization into feature team (or squad, or product team : we’re still looking for our own terms. As you can see, it’s the very beginning of our story and there is everything to build. Awesome right ? 😃) But let’s back to you, depending to your experience and what you’re looking for, you’ll have the opportunity to join one of this following team :

Of course, this organization is not set in stone. As our team features, it is in continuous evolution and improvement. THIS JOB IS FOR YOU AND YOU’RE IN THE PLACE TO BE IF… WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US ? Let’s have a quick talk ?


Work Schedule:



60000 - 80000 euros

Position is expired.Thanks for your interest.

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