Full Stack Python / Django Engineer at ihateironing.com

London,United Kingdom
Nov 01, 2017

DESCRIPTION The key responsibility for this position is the ongoing technical development of our platform. You'll be involved right across the life cycle of any technical projects from design right through to deployment and feedback. You'll need to understand business and user issues and create elegant technical solutions. This includes;

REQUIREMENTS We are looking for someone with the following characteristics; BENEFITS Join our company if you're keen to keep learning. Join if you think your career will progress because you’ll be given more responsibilities than elsewhere. Join because you can't face working on meaningless non-core code. Join because you like the culture and you think you’ll have fun. Join because in three year’s time when you look at this job and this company you’ll feel proud and it will be part of how you got where you were going. Join because as we grow our ability to reward you will grow and your income will grow with our success that you contributed to.


Work Schedule:



£55,000 - £70,000

Position is expired.Thanks for your interest.