Django Developer at Yourlabs Business Service

Fleac,FranceApr 04, 2018

YourLabs Business Service is looking for a Django developer to work on Open Source Django projects.

YourLabs Business Service is the company that's behind YourLabs hacker club. We're an international hacking team with broad specialities.

We have one common objective as a team: quality.

We value pair programing, you can work alone or with another developer.

You will be participating to customer projects and r&d projects such as CRUDLFA+.

Remote developer position, part time or full time.

The more developers join the team, the more our bizhacker can bring in projects.


Work Schedule



Flexible work hours, Work from home

How to Apply

Apply with the contact form on YourLabs Business Service website

Please, send your git(hub) url(s), and your OS of choice !

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