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Jul 31, 2017


MobPro (Mobile Professionals) is looking for an experienced software engineer to join the development efforts of our real-time bidding platform. We have an automated platform which, based on our clients’ needs, automatically bids on more than 20.000 bids per second. Our goal: to show relevant advertising to the right consumers’ smartphones.

Our platform, made up of over 100 servers in 2 continents, deals with more than 20.000 bids per second. Not only do we have to deal with such high traffic, we also need to manage the high volumes of data which accompanies this traffic. Web servers behind load balancers and floating IP’s, coordinating tasks using Zookeeper and a Kafka pipeline - all in order to keep our bidding process and data processing scalable and redundant. The increasing number of advertising campaigns means our platform is regularly tested in unforeseen ways. We’re constantly facing new challenges that requires an experienced view and pro activity to solve problems.

Your responsibilities as a Software Engineer:
- Development of scalable and high-performance systems.
- Quickly and efficiently analyse and solve technical problems across various components of the platform.
- Work with the Operations and Sales team to solve issues raised by the Sales and Operations teams.

The development team at MobPro uses Agile methodologies. We are a team of 5-7 developers who work very closely with our Operations and Sales teams. They identify new opportunities in the market, we translate these into technical requirements, which we then implement. We roll out updates every day and instantly get feedback on our delivered features.

As a senior software engineer you are aware that sometimes problems aren’t caused by the code we’ve written, but rather by the complex interactions between multiple systems. Therefore we need your eye for detail to detect problems in no-time.

Your skills as software engineer:
- Strong programming and algorithm skills. Python experience is a must.
- Experience with HTTP and server-side technologies (web servers, database servers).
- Experience with deployment, monitoring and debugging of distributed systems.
- It would be great if you have knowledge of Django, MongoDB, Redis, Ansible, machine learning, HAProxy, Graphite or C/C++. If not, you are eager to expand your skills.

But also:
- Able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of performance, correctness, and reliability of a (potential) solution.
- Able to contribute to to the design and development of scalable solutions.
- You're already house vested in The Netherlands, or you live in North-America or somewhere else in Europa and you want to move to The Netherlands.

MobPro is the biggest player in the Dutch advertising industry. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, we are 25 mobile consultants, creative designers and software engineers who provide mobile advertising solutions for top brands. MobPro has made technology the company’s core. By valuing employee contributions and initiative, we are able to excel and innovate in the fast-evolving advertising market to be a successful and fast growing tech company [1] [2].

- Broaden your skills set by working on all aspects of our platform: real-time bidding, data-analysis, high availability, system administration, etcetera.
- A salary starting from €50.000 up to €60.000 a year, depending on your skills and experience.
- 32 to 40 hour work week.
- Commuting expenses paid.
- 25 vacation days, and a pension scheme.
- ‘Gezellige’ lunch provided every day in our very own MobPro Café.
- Bootcamp classes on Mondays, drinks at the office on Fridays (borrel), unlimited visits at the Hortus botanical gardens of Amsterdam and a crazy trip at the end of the year.

Do you want to work on high performance systems at MobPro and do you what you see? Go to our website by clicking on this link. For more information contact Diederick Ubels 020-7028200.

Agency calls not appreciated

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50000 € - 60000 € / year

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