Remote Senior Django Developer at Bright Network

London,United KingdomSep 07, 2016

Bright Network is the fastest growing platform in graduate recruitment - with a simple aim to help graduates make the best career choices. We provide an extensive set of graduate careers advice content around internship and job search, with personalisation fundamental to the logged in experience.

We're looking for someone to take a senior developer role as we rebuild our website and digital platform in Django. Our main website is currently built in Drupal but we've been using Django for a few separate applications, and now plan to re-build the main website in Django.

The high level architecture (to give you a flavour):

  • Website - general careers advice content
  • Website - search for jobs, internships, campus events and careers advice
  • Website - user profile syncing - all our user profile data is synced to salesforce and dotmailer
  • Personalisation engine - we want to use all the various data on users to build a personalisation engine which matches them to the most suitable careers. Eventually the logged in website experience will be completely personalised based on user profiles and behaviour.
  • Segmentation engine - we send very targeted emails to users about relevant internships and jobs. This segmentation engine will continue to grow in sophistication as we gather more and more personalisation data on the user.
  • Application Tracking System - our vision is to allow all our users to apply for graduate opportunities through one application tracking system so they don't have to repeat same profile information across multiple applications.

Tech choices:

  • Django
  • Celery, Rabbit MQ for our asynchronous tasks
  • Algolia for search
  • Bootstrap
  • react.js or angular

We believe in extensive test coverage and continuously integrate, deploying to production several times a week The development team work directly with the product manager to ship features out to our users fast and then iterate.

You'll need several years of Django/Python experience and be comfortable developing right across the software stack with strong front-end experience a plus. Experience of machine learning and personalisation would be a plus.


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