Senior Django / Drf Developer at Shoutit

Dubai,United Arab EmiratesJul 27, 2016

Shoutit is searching for a Django Developer to maintain and further develop its backend.

Project description is a marketplace where buyers and sellers use messenger to send photos and videos about the items and services they are offering or requesting in their area or anywhere in the world. Since its launch last year Shoutit gained over 200k users. We recently relaunched with new web and mobile app designs and we are averaging 1k signups a day. Our users generate good amount of content such as: posts, likes and many chat messages.

Our backend is Django service running inside Docker container. There are other services that run along with the main one; Redis, loadbalancer, queues, etc. We use PostgreSQL for persistence, Redis for caching and Elasticsearch for retrieving search results and users’ homepage feeds. Something to note is that the backend is completely separated from the webapp. It works only as API serving RESTful endpoints for Shoutit API clients. We believe this makes development and maintenance easier where backend developers only need to care about the API endpoints and not the frontend.

The API has a Wiki hosted on Github and it is rich in articles that explain every concept of Shoutit. There are also API swagger docs for the clients’ developers to use and test while developing their apps. For more details about the technologies we use you can check the links below.


  • Continuously look for ways to improve Shoutit’s API
  • Take ownership of sections of Shoutit‘s backend services
  • Write more tests in addition to the existing ones
  • Maintain older versions of the API

Job requirements

  • Skills and experience in Python/Django/Django Rest Framework
  • Knowledge in Elasticsearch and its python libraries (elasticsearch-py and elasticsearch-dsl-py)
  • Knowledge in queueing jobs and processing them, preferably using Django-RQ
  • SQL proficiency to make optimized Django ORM queries
  • Experience in configuring and deploying Docker containers
  • Experience in Git and Continues Integration systems (CircleCI)
  • Following PEP8 standards and keeping high GPA in CodeClimate
  • Working remotely and communicating with other developers who develop API clients (web and mobile)
  • Adapting to task management system and making sure it is well updated as you progress (PivotalTracker)
  • Good English communication skills, both written and verbal (We <3 Slack)

Please apply only if you meet ‘all’ of the above requirements. You can apply per email and mention your hourly rate.

E-mail contact

Nour Chawich

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Good luck with your application!


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