Python/Django Developer Who Loves Linux at 5 Monkeys Agency

Stockholm,SwedenJul 08, 2013

Do you love Python, Django and Linux? Then you should work with us at 5 Monkeys Agency in Stockholm!

Today we are fifteen system developers who all share a passion for the development of scalable, secure and user friendly web applications. We love Python, Django and FLOSS in general and we hope you share this passion.

We develop exclusively in Django and we do it from our office in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden.

This is the fine blend of FLOSS software we use on a daily basis:

  • Version control: git
  • Server OS: GNU/Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Web server: nginx, Gunicorn
  • SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Redis
  • FTS: Apache Solr
  • MQ: RabbitMQ, ØMQ (ZeroMQ)
  • Caching: memcached, Varnish

We try to contribute back to the Django community. Please check out some of the Django packages our company has open sourced recently: django-viewlet, django-enumfield, etc. Check our company github page for more fine open-source projects hand-crafted in Stockholm, Sweden.

Share our passion for Django and FLOSS? You should join us!


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