Python Software Engineer at Scurri

Wexford,IrelandMar 29, 2016

About Scurri

Scurri is a rapidly growing software company that wants to enable every online retailer offer an Amazon-like experience to their customers, when it comes to shipping. We do this by providing a delivery management solution to our customers. We have ambitious goals and an exceptional team.

Some of the challenges you will face in this role are:

  • Integrations with lots of third-party APIs
  • Scaling to handle the volume from large retailers
  • High Availability
  • Design software that can be easily adapted.

You will join a team that follows lean and agile practices, believes that untested code is broken by design, does continuous deployments (but decouples releases from deployments) and continuously improves.

You need to have:

  • Strong engineering principles.
  • 2+ years experience with Python. Our platform is based on Django.
  • Strong working knowledge of git.
  • Experience with unit and acceptance testing tools and practices. Tests are part of the definition of done. Excellent English and communication skills. Experience with JavaScript and front-end technologies is a bonus. Experience with AWS is a bonus.

This position is for a permanent role in our organization. We pay competitive salary and you get a chance to make delivery better for hundreds of thousands of consumers.


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