Multiple Web/Django Roles At World-Class Soft Core Search Group Inc at Core Search Group, Inc.

Washington,DC,United StatesMay 07, 2013

Technical challenge. Developers tell us it’s the reason they change jobs, more than any other factor like money, benefits, location, etc. This company is offering very strong growth and the opportunity to directly work on world class software security products that fight security breaches at the biggest of organizations more effectively than their competitors can. If a large breach is news, this company is in the background helping clean up and improve defenses. If you have a passion for defeating the best attacks hackers can dream up you’ll be in the right environment here! Did you wear a black hat for a while but have wised up and now wear a white hat? We want you.

This is a product development organization, not a government contractor. As such we are looking for strong developers from a product development background or who have worked on very large scale web applications, especially if managing the security of those applications. Any experience/interest in security is a big plus - Security clearances are valued and can be maintained, but uncleared developers are welcome.

Technical skills sought:

  • Strong understanding of one or more modern web application frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails, Catalyst
  • Experience building modern web applications utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • Experience using front end web frameworks such as Bootstrap, jQueryUI or YUI
  • Experience creating rich client-side/AJAX experiences using technologies like jQuery or Prototype
  • Experience with common SQL data layers like PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Can leverage structured formats like JSON, YAML, XML and related technologies to build scalable, testable RESTful applications
  • Configured or customized a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Python/Perl/PHP) or similar application stack

Desired Skills

  • Experience with languages such as Python, Ruby, Perl, C++, or Java
  • Built enterprise scale applications using clustering, message queueing or similar technologies
  • Experience with NoSQL technologies like MongoDB
  • Used Test-driven development (TDD) methodologies and automated unit testing tools


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