Front End Django Developer at Sponsorcraft

London,United Kingdom
Jul 02, 2013

About Us:

Sponsorcraft is leading the way in crowdfunding for education, and alumni engagement for instituions.

We are an award-winning team of six, Jonathan May — CEO, Duncan Knox — Development Director, Sophia Duffy — Senior Designer, Sait Cham — Outreach Manager, Thierry — our intern, and Russ Ferriday, CTO. Recent Computer Science graduate and Django enthusiast Paul Hallett has also been helping us for a second stint, prior to his travels to the USA for the summer. Paul wrote a little blog post that toots our horn very nicely.

Our compact London office in Capper Street is a Pod environment, where we rub shoulders with another 15 companies who are part of the WAYRA cohort for 2013. These are some of the top tech companies in the UK. It’s a great buzz. There is a lot of collaboration between companies, talk about tech, business, ideas, and opportunities. We regularly have sessions and workshops designed to improve all the WAYRA businesses. We work in 14 day sprints, where we set our goals, and compete to meet them in our peer review sessions.

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