Senior Software Development Engineer at Market Builder Group, CBRE

Bellevue,WA,United StatesOct 07, 2015

Senior Software Development Engineer

Market Builder Group, CBRE | Bellevue, WA


We are looking for a senior software development engineer with 5+ years of Python/Django experience to help expand our existing platform and lead the development of new features and products. This person would begin immediately as a full-time employee in Bellevue, WA.

Backed by several senior CBRE executives, our small, fast-paced team has developed a robust platform designed to both support data analytics and deliver simple, intuitive client-side applications. Our current infrastructure is loosely comprised of:

  • A flexible, scalable, cloud-based application layer
  • An API layer for client-side consumption
  • Client-side applications designed for specific user groups

As our platform continues to grow we would look to you and your team of backend developers to help expand and improve the capabilities of the application and API layers. You will touch a broad range of technologies related to infrastructure management, databases, application development, API design and development. We recognize that an expert in all these fields is a unicorn. Instead, we would expect you to be proficient in some of these areas and willing to learn a bit about the others. A high level of proficiency in Python application development is required.

Our group leverages several top-tier consulting groups that help us design and implement the more complex/specialized solutions. You would be responsible for collaborating with them on a day-to-day basis.

Your other responsibilities would include:

  • Writing beautiful code and implementing fantastic solutions (extremely important)
  • Facilitating in the architecture and implementation of new products/technologies
  • Keeping the existing platform running efficiently
  • Guiding the application and API development process at both a macro- and micro-level by leveraging our agile principles with your team
  • Working closely with/mentoring other developers to build Python applications based on industry standards (proper workflow, code style, test coverage, documentation, etc.)
  • Helping with the prioritization and assignment of issues (bugs, enhancements, new features, refactoring, etc.)
  • Enforcing best practices through peer/code reviews
  • Ensuring that we are continuously raising our standard of engineering excellence


  • Five or more years of professional experience in Python
  • Django experience is a strong plus
  • Solid understanding of REST APIs and database designs* Experience modeling and implementing data structures in PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Some level of familiarity with DevOps (SaltStack or related) a strong plus
  • Some familiarity with AWS services (EC2, RDS, IAM) a strong plus

Bonus points for experience in these areas:

  • Asynchronous task queues (Celery, Redis, RabbitMQ)
  • GIS and related technologies (GeoDjango, ESRI, PostGIS)
  • ETL data pipelines
  • ElasticSearch, or related Lucene based search technologies
  • Infra-Ops/Dev-Ops (SaltStack, CloudFormation)

We offer:

  • A commitment to your career so you can grow with the group
  • An awesome team with whom to collaborate (including great consulting partners)
  • A competitive compensation package, complete with benefits (Medical/Dental/Vision/401(k)/Disability)
  • Casual dress/atmosphere
  • An open source culture/atmosphere that encourages learning and contributing back to the community. We support staying on top of the latest development best practices and tools, and often will help facilitate attending key conferences (e.g. PyCon, PyData).
  • Work from home one day a week
  • Paid holidays/vacation
  • Data plan reimbursement

Technologies we use and teach:

Our primary goal is to solve complex problems with the best solutions. That said, below is a sample of the technologies we currently leverage:

  • Backend App/API – Python/Django, Django Rest Framework, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, Pandas, NumPy, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • Infrastructure & Related – AWS (multiple services), Jenkins, SaltStack, Ubuntu
  • Development Workflow – Git/GitHub, Travis CI, Slack
  • Client-Side, Single Page Apps - AngularJS, D3.js, ESRI (various libraries), Leaflet

About our team:

We are a small (but growing) data analytics and business solutions team within CBRE’s corporate development group. We are uniquely positioned within the organization to access global data, tools, resources, and leaders throughout the industry. Our mission is to create value within the business by developing targeted, highly scalable technology platforms for internal and external consumption. At the end of the day, we exist to solve complex commercial real estate problems by bringing together good people, great minds, and top tier technologies. We are firm believers in leveraging and supporting open source projects and their broader communities whenever possible. We love Unix-based systems (we use Macs) but appreciate other flavors. We believe that personal growth is equally as important as Company growth, as the two are, in fact, largely interdependent.

We take the art of coffee beans and their related magic beverages very seriously. We love gadgets and photography, and we are roughly split as to whether we would prefer to spend Saturday at Ada’s bookstore or in the great outdoors.

About CBRE:

With over $9 billion in 2014 revenue, CBRE is the largest global real estate service and investment management provider in the world, and one of only two such companies to hold a position on the Fortune 500 list. The Company has more than 70,000 employees (excluding affiliates) in more than 400 offices globally. CBRE offers strategic advice and execution for property sales and leasing, corporate services, property/facilities/project management, mortgage banking, appraisal and valuation, development services, investment management, and research and consulting. Please visit for more information.

Application instructions:

Please send your resume and a link to your portfolio (Github, Bitbucket, website, etc.), if available, to


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