Remote Freelance Senior Python / Django Developer at Quibox Digital Ltd

London,United KingdomJul 11, 2015

We are recruiting a senior Python / Django developer, who shares our passion for developing great solutions.

The developer will have to write and explain code.

Experience with libraries such as BeautifulSoup is positive.

Selected candidate will be involved in the development of our software. This is a freelance / remote job; you can apply from anywhere since you will be working from your own place.

You will be measured on:

  • The quality of your code. Your code will have to be structured well and be as bug-free as possible.
  • Speed. To keep up you’ll need to be productive, proactive and get products completed quickly.
  • Your ability to work with others. We are working towards the same goals and we want people that will get along well with us.

A few reasons why you might love it:

  • You will have autonomy to do incredible things.
  • You will learn new cutting-edge technologies.
  • Your success will be recognized and appreciated.

And a few reasons why you might hate it:

  • You don’t want to get your hands dirty. This is a hands-on coding role.
  • You want to have very detailed assignments.
  • You’ll have to be a smart decision maker, rather than a passive player waiting for the next assignment.


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