Full-Time Django Developer at Arctic Shores

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Manchester,United Kingdom
Jun 16, 2015

About us

Arctic Shores is a startup company based in the heart of Manchester, UK. We're behind the UK's first mobile games based psychometric test for recruitment and selection combining rigorous science with honest fun.

Our company

We're a small company with a diverse and talented team, including games developers, web developers, psychologists, data scientists and graphic artists. We deliver games that collect and upload a huge amount of data about the actions and decisions a player makes during gameplay. Our servers manage everything from the management and provision of players to machine learning analysis of gameplay data to data visualisation and reporting to clients.

Our development team is based in our 7th floor office with great views of Manchester. We also have staff in our satellite office in Central London.

We believe that our software is already best-in-breed and we're continuing to extend and improve our server application with novel features. To achieve this, we're looking to hire a developer to become the hub of our server development expertise, and to help us continue to plan, innovate and develop our server software.

About the role

We're looking for an all-rounder focussing mainly on the back end with a good dose of front end. You'll be as comfortable optimising a query on a PostgreSQL database and extending our REST API as you are tweaking the Javascript for a d3.js graph of a Gaussian distribution of psychometric scores.

About you

You'll care about attention to detail, proper testing and have a logical approach to troubleshooting, and you'll think about the user experience as much as the functionality.


Technical skills



What we're offering

And finally...

We are a small team building an innovative mobile application and server platform. This is a key appointment for us as we look to grow our diverse and talented team to accommodate a rapidly expanding client base over the next 18 months.

The Arctic Shores Team


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Email: admin@djangojobs.net