Django/Python Mentor: Help Our Students Learn Test Driven Web Development at Thinkful

New York City,NY,United StatesJun 21, 2013

The Job

We’re growing our mentor team. Our mentors works with highly motivated beginners as they learn test-driven web development using Python, Django, and Flask. In addition to having the skills and experience of a backend developer, you must also love what you do – your most important responsibility will be to inspire in your students a passion for software development. Thinkful mentors may work remotely or from our office, and we are currently hiring for part-time positions.

Skills & Requirements

Above all, we seek out people who have a passion for coding and for transmitting that knowledge to others.  Here are some more specific skills we're looking for:

  • Mastery of Python and Django. Experience with Flask is a big plus.
  • Understanding and implementation of test-driven development (if you have experience with the Nose framework, all the better).
  • Ability to empathize with and clearly communicate technical concepts and practices to beginners.
  • Be able to point to one or more projects of reasonable complexity. Comfortable walking through code you haven’t seen before to figure out what’s going on, identifying areas for improvement.
  • Experience with project management and/or overseeing junior developers would be a big plus. Experience teaching programming an even bigger plus.

About the Company:

Thinkful trains people in technical skills for the future of work. We combine expert mentorship with a project-based curriculum to help people efficiently learn critical skills. In an economy that demands technical expertise, we believe that outcomes-driven education is a necessary part of everyone’s lives. Join us, and have a voice in the future of education!


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