Software Engineer, Application & Platform at ezeep

Berlin,GermanyJun 07, 2013

Our mission is to transform how people in organizations perceive and experience printing.

There are over 500 million printers worldwide. And still, printing is one of the worst experiences in technology. Help us turning an insanely annoying technology into something that's simple and fun to use. ezeep's Cloud-Managed Printing revolutionizes the work flow. We're wiping-away the past 20 years of printing infrastructure, replacing it with a radically-new technology that will transform how people in organizations print. This means we're dealing with complex networking, document processing and driver issues, as well as distributed and fault tolerant systems.

In the offered position you'll be working on both, the client and the server side of the ezeep platform. You'll be highly involved in moving forward the broader client-server architecture that's underpinning our system. We don't put a years of experience label on this position, but we expect you to be a Python ninja who lives and breathes PEP-20.

We're offering a spot in our team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers, as well as space to breathe, learn and grow. We have a highly collaborative approach and try to minimize unncessary process overhead so you can focus on the stuff that matters.

Learn more about ezeep engineering on our Coderwall team page.

Here are a few things we're looking for:

  • You're a Python ninja
  • You have a deep, low-level, understanding of computer networks
  • You know your way around the shell and know how to use git
  • You know about software design patterns and when to apply them
  • You've worked with Django or similar MVC frameworks before
  • You have experience with data base design (MySQL, Redis)
  • Things that would be awesome:

Some experience with Objective-C and the Cocoa Framework Experience with Linux package distribution


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