Remote Contractor For Mobile Technology Health Projects at WHO RHR Department

Dec 01, 2014

The long-term objective of mRegistry is to create a single site for individuals to globally register and compare mHealth strategies and mHealth projects using a consistent standards-based approach. The standards-based platform will enable entry of important mHealth-specific information, including location, health domain focus, partners, and point along continuum of scale, as well as other criteria to enable projects as well as visitors to the web-site to search and find specific projects, and review and compare projects based on criteria of interest.

The WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research requires the successful bidder, the Contractor, to build the mRegistry platform in accordance with the requirements defined below in this proposal including:

  1. Develop a unified global web platform and online registry for mHealth projects using WHO standardizations including the mHealth framework and mTERG taxonomy (project registration)
  2. Migrate the existing data taken from the first version of the platform using the project ID as the unique identifier
  3. Update and clean the existing data to fit the ID structure and district where it operates
  4. Allow users to export the WHO created mHealth continuum framework allowing them to reference their project in presentations and reports (project export)
  5. Allow a project manager to update projects
  6. Integration with sites that will use the unique project ID or to extract evidence from external sites (API development)
  7. Search for projects based on specified indicators
  8. Map the projects geographically using open data map standards using latest GIS standards (GIS project mapping) based on the projects operating district

For more information on the application process, please see request for proposals procedures:

Letter of Intent due: December 19, 2014 Proposals due: December 26, 2014

title: Development of a website for registering and managing mobile technology health projects


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