Front-End Developer at AgriPlace / People 4 Earth

Jul 14, 2014

Seeks IT Developer to Make Compliance Easy

AgriPlace is a lean start-up dedicated to decreasing the barriers to sustainable food production, nationally and internationally. We do this by reengineering the processes by which farm level data is collected, analyzed and shared in agricultural supply chains, making innovative use of existing technologies. We provide farmers an easy to use IT platform that bundles buyers’ requirements and certification schemes and smoothens compliance processes. AgriPlace is being implemented in Holland and will roll out in Latin America next year, targeting smallholder farmers with low computer literacy.

We are currently expanding our team with a front-end developer that is looking for the ultimate usability challenge. We use Python/Django, AngularJS, and PostgreSQL on Linux servers.

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AgriPlace is a project of the People 4 Earth Foundation and we work together with a number of companies, organizations and partners to develop and implement AgriPlace.


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