Remote Freelance Django Developer at European Company

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May 12, 2014

About us:

We are team of people that started small company which business is an information transfer. At the moment we are in process of creating a system that will change the way advertising is delivered and thought of.

If you are:

Then this job is for you!

Technically speaking we are looking for Linux-based python developers with expert knowledge of:

You will be working remotely on assignments for a startup from your home and your work will be assessed on quality per-assignment basis. These assignments will include creation and/or adaptation of existing Python/MySQL/Mongo for a new exciting projects. Experience with the additional technologies as for instance scrappy and hadoop is preferred. We are running continuous feature-based deployment private environment.

We pose no preferences on regional basis and will value everyone on basis of their contribution. We communicate over Skype during our sessions that happen in pre-defined periods which hare easy to plan and use Jira/Confluence to enrich team collaboration.


Work Schedule:



Not Specified

Position is expired.Thanks for your interest.

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