Telecommute Django Web Developer at Processlynx AG

remote telecommute django web developer

Mar 31, 2014

About Us

Processlynx AG is a company within the Datalynx Holding AG Switzerland, which has a long history in successfully consulting IT departments of small and medium-sized companies around the world.

We’re currently building a major new public Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud in Switzerland in partnership with Green Datacenter AG and Red Hat – Swiss Web Services.

This undertaking is considered strategically vital by the company and involves delving into the uncharted reaches of new technologies, such as the latest versions of OpenStack.

We’re looking for a motivated web developer to engage with the web-facing components of our cloud and drive them forward.

In the short term, this means you’ll be getting stuck in with developing and deploying our web interfaces, including our main UI based on OpenStack Horizon.

In the longer term, as our team expands, you’ll transition to conducting R&D both to deliver new products and features to our customers and to develop future versions of our cloud as a whole.

In return we can promise that you’ll learn a lot and have ample opportunity and support to develop professionally both on the job and through training of your choice.


Technical Skills

This is a “wish list” of skills and knowledge we’d like to see, and we’re open to considering applications even if you don’t have them all (yet!);

Most Important


Personal Qualities

This role is open to both permanent and contract candidates Remote working is also an option


Work Schedule:



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How to Apply

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