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Mar 25, 2014

I am building a health and fitness web app and I am seeking one to two web developers / designers, who are health nuts, to oversee the final stages of development and complete the website for me in preparation to release it to the public. I have outsourced the project and it is currently 50% complete. I am confident that I can get it to the stage where it is 85% complete, however, I would like someone to polish it and test it to ensure it is secure & robust enough for public use.

I would like the successful candidate to have most of the following skills & knowledge:

Payment will be milestone based and not per hour. If you express a desire to become more involved in this health and fitness web start up, I am open to expanding the business to include co-founders provided they are passionate about health and I’m confident in our relationship.

Many Thanks Sam


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Position is expired.Thanks for your interest.

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