Php / Python / Django / Javascript Developer at Detroit Media Partnership (Gannett Co., Inc.)

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Detroit,MI,United States
Feb 20, 2014

About Us:

Company: Detroit Media Partnership (serving the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press & Gannett Michigan) Unit: Innovation & Product Development


Let’s start with some of the benefits:

Very few news and publishing companies have an innovation and product development unit, so we think this is a pretty fetching opportunity. If you’ve got the chops and want to join a fired up team, we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for someone who kills it on the server side, but who could also teach a thing or two to the rest of the team on client-side. Most past projects were written in PHP, but we’ve got an across-the-board platform relaunch coming, and it’s all Python / Django.

Now, having said that, we also recognize that Javascript is doing more and more, so if you’re able to blow our minds with Jquery, Node, Backbone and the like, well, awesome. Let’s talk. Ruby? Rails? Yes, please. We know each of these has its strengths and, really, we’re user-focused.

That’s an awkward segue to tell you about our team. The Detroit Media Partnership’s Innovation and Product Development unit (I&PD) is charged with building out an innovation portfolio and pipeline of new products to grow audience, increase engagement and generate new lines of revenue.

The team includes project managers, designers, developers, systems admin, and we’re supported by colleagues in consumer research, marketing, advertising sales and, again, some top-notch journalists. We are evangelists for the human-centered design approach, also known as design thinking. We are seeking to make things that solve problems and get jobs done for information and media consumers.

For the right person, this is not only an opportunity to build cool stuff, it’s a chance to lead and teach and disrupt. Our unit is also charged with culture change, the battle against “the way things have always been done.” So if you want to have control of the full technology stack on products, as well as help transform an organization with an understanding of agile and lean principles, again, let’s talk.



We don’t care where you went to school or how long you’ve been at it, if - Your portfolio knocks our socks off (bonus points for Github repos or other proof of participation in open source community; send Dribbble or Behance links if you’ve got design chops, too) - You show up with innovation and product ideas, but temper that enthusiasm by knowing it’s all about finding product-market fit - You add to a collaborative culture that’s all about seeking to understand, life-long learning and shipping awesome stuff - Hopefully, HTML, CSS are a given, you can say what a LAMP environment is without googling it, and you’ve provisioned your own Apache, Nginx or similar servers.


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