Senior Web Engineer (Python) at Scurri

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London,United Kingdom
Jan 07, 2014

Do you design & build solid websites in Python? Are you insanely passionate about your craft and experienced in agile development? Interested in working from the comfort of your home (or from anywhere you like) and joining a distributed team? Then we would like to talk to you.

About Us:

Scurri is a young but highly ambitious startup based in Ireland, looking to build and grow a great development team. The code we ship will make delivery simple for millions of eCommerce users. We’re learning a lot and we need your help to continuously improve the quality and capability of our product as it automates the delivery processes of a rapidly expanding number of eCommerce merchants.

We have launched an initial version of our platform, which has been extremely well received by our (paying!) customers, we support hundreds of thousands of transactions, experience strong growth and we have converged to a solid business model. We are funded by some very experienced investors with an amazing track record. We also have had the help of some really cool Lean Startup mentors and advisers along the way, people like Eric Ries, Brant Cooper, Ash Maurya, Sean Ellis and more.

What we’re looking for:

What we offer:

This position is for a permanent role in our organisation.We are flexible about your location, but it would be ideal if you are based within 2 or 3 hour of GMT. You will get to work with a team of highly driven and friendly peers who strive to make a big difference.


Work Schedule:



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How to Apply

Position fulfilled. Thanks for your interest.