Web Applications Analyst (It Specialist 3) at Viking Union Tech Services, WWU

Bellingham,WA,United States
May 16, 2013

This position provides analysis, design, programming, maintenance and technical support for web-based applications and websites, with an emphasis on automating staff workflows and improving the efficiency of business processes for the Dean of Students, Viking Union Facilities, Viking Union Student Activities, and the Associated Students of Western Washington University. Directly reporting to the Viking Union Manager of Information Technology, the Analyst will participate in regularly-scheduled, cross-department, project-coordination meetings with Viking Union Administration and the Associated Students in the definition and prioritization of work. This position requires knowledge of content management systems, database development for web applications, systems integration, and agile development methodology.

The Analyst will serve as the lead developer on all development projects, and oversee a technical development team of at least two student employees, with an emphasis on providing an educational opportunity for the student employees to learn in a production environment.

The Viking Union and the Dean of Students are committed to Western’s strategic goal of recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and welcome diverse applicants.

This position is part of a Public School Employees of WWU bargaining unit. New employees are required to meet the membership requirements of the current collective bargaining agreement within 30 calendar days of employment.


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