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Jan 12, 2024

ResQ was founded with the belief that restaurant operators and service providers should have a much better way to operate their businesses. As a first step towards our mission, we have built a SaaS-enabled marketplace that helps fast-growing restaurants manage their 🛠 repairs and maintenance, empowering them to focus on their customers.

Repair and maintenance is the heartbeat of any restaurant's operations, yet the existing management methods are complex, expensive, and time-consuming. With ResQ, restaurants can simply get connected to qualified service providers, submit jobs, track progress, and pay, all in one place.

We are trusted by the world's leading restaurant brands and are venture-backed by top-tier global VCs - and we are just getting 🚀 started! As a Platform Engineer joining ResQ you will be responsible for building and evolving the infrastructure that our facility management platform is built upon. ResQ runs on a distributed cloud architecture. Our monolith is written in Django/Python and is backed by S3, Postgres, Redis, and Cloudfront, our front-end applications are written in React/React Native and Typescript, and our infrastructure is managed using Terraform and backed by ECS. We make extensive use of automated testing and practice continuous deployment enabling us to release early and often.

What you will do:

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Where we work:

At ResQ we foster an office-first culture which allows us to enjoy face-to-face team collaboration several times a week. Employees in the GTA office:

Our CEO, KJ, explains why this is the right plan for ResQ: “It enables purpose, through presence and proximity. It is not simply to improve productivity; we know each of our team members is incredibly smart and can be equally, or more productive, from home, but the additive effect of people building personal bonds, innovating together, collaborating cross-functionally, learning and doing things together is, at least for us, much harder to replicate to its fullest extent remotely. For our stage, where we are still a small knit team of ~100 people, feeding off people's energy and learning from team members in the same setting, can give us superpowers. It is intentional and it is needed for our business to build this level of togetherness”.

What to expect as a candidate:

While we are never perfect, we have aimed to build a process that fosters fairness and helps to minimize bias, this includes structured processes and interviews. Our goal is that everyone interviewed has a positive experience, regardless of the outcome. Our interview process is done remote utilizing Google Meet.

Stage 1 (5 min): Send us your resume and a note about how your story connects to ours. Feel free to focus on what you have learned rather than just a list of responsibilities. Tell us your story! We’ll aim to tell you quickly if it is not the right fit so you are always informed.

Stage 2 (30 min): Successful candidates will meet our People and Talent Lead. It will be standardized to keep things fair but also with enough room to show your uniqueness. We’ll communicate the salary range now for full transparency. If you like us and we also think there is a fit, we’ll invite you to the next stage.

Stage 3 (30 min): A call with our Director of Engineering and Engineering Manager who will ask you more in depth questions about your experience and skills. Come with questions! If this call goes well and we both want to move forward with each other we will ask you to complete a live coding assignment for your next call.

Stage 4 (1 hour): This stage will be with our Engineering Manager and a member of our engineering team where we will take you through a live coding session to get a better understanding of your coding skills. We will also leave time to give feedback and ask some more questions.

Stage 5 (30 min): This is the final stage in the process where you will meet our Head of Product Development, and our CEO, KJ. This stage will be more of an introductory call and less focused on your in depth skills and knowledge.

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We are a mission-driven team and have a big vision to revolutionize the service industry. While on that journey, we recognize that building a startup is very hard. Turning vision into reality in a fast-growing environment takes superhuman efforts and is often one of the most difficult, yet rewarding, things one can do. We do our best to ensure transparency during all stages of the interview process but we realize it's a lot of information 📚 to take in at once so we wanted to centralize everything to make it easier for you to navigate through. We have created a Talent Notion page which will help you learn more about us during the recruitment process.

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