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Upliv Health is a digital health company that provides personalized mental health support. Our platform uses artificial intelligence to match individuals with licensed therapists and coaches.

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Founding Engineer - Salary 100k-200k at Upliv Health

Remote: No | Relocation: Yes
New York (Remote - Us) | Sep 28, 2022

#About Aegis Ventures & Upliv Health: Aegis Ventures is a next-generation startup studio that partners with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to originate, launch, and scale transformative companies. Established by the founder and chairman of a leading global private investment firm, the Aegis platform brings together market-shaping ideas, permanent growth capital, and ambitious individuals who are driven to solve major societal problems. We aim to build companies with the capacity for vast impact, with an initial focus on three key areas: artificial intelligence, health technology, and health and wellness. Aegis Ventures has partnered with Northwell Health to launch Upliv Health, a women's health tech start-up that aims to empower women in perimenopause and menopause to take charge of their mental, physical, and emotional health through holistic care services and evidence-based information. With our clinical experts and coaches, community-based platform, and whole-person healthcare recommendations, we focus on educating our patients and equipping them with the knowledge to make clinician-guided decisions about their menopause health. We help women realize tangible symptom relief and overall improvements in their health outcomes so that they can … Read more


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