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ThinAir is a seamless and transparent technology that gives you complete visibility, context, and control over your #1 corporate asset: the data itself. Stop insiders, human error, and automated data exfiltration today.

Y Combinator Winter '15.

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Senior Software Engineer - Back End at Thinair Labs

Remote: No | Relocation: Yes
Palo Alto,Ca,United States | Aug 27, 2016

### The Company: We're a small team of dedicated engineers and security folks revolutionizing how data security works by treating data as a first-tier asset, and using telemetry analysis to find anomalies in user behavior. Y-Combinator Winter '15 with a good number of angel investors ( Our CEO is a engineer-founder who started his career building the fraud detection systems at MasterCard, then left to found the popular "infinite" storage company BitCasa. We try to combine the security of the former with the simplicity of the later. ### The Team: Our backend team is a world-class group of operators and engineers from Palantir, Google, Zenefits, Twitch, and Booz Allen. We take security and stability very seriously, adhering to the mantras of "Premature optimization is the root of all evil", "Secure by default", and "Gather metrics on all the things". If you understand your stack fully, little things never become big things. ### The Role: As a Senior Engineer, you'll be architecting and implementing performant systems as well as coordinating with our operations team to ensure that they run smoothly. You'll … Read more