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The Spokesman-Review is a daily newspaper based in Spokane, Washington. The newspaper covers local and regional news, sports, and entertainment, and is committed to providing high-quality journalism to the community.

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Chief Developer Of Digital Products at The Spokesman-Review

Remote: No | Relocation: No
Spokane,Wa,United States | Jun 05, 2013

You breathe, sleep, and eat code. You take great personal satisfaction in keeping up with the latest development enhancements and techniques in your field. You enjoy the fast-moving and elegant web designs Django allows you to create. Your quality of life includes living in a place that experiences a four-season climate, is close to dozens of lakes and rivers for swimming, boating, and fishing, as well as mountains for skiing, hiking, and biking. You would love to live in an All-American City that provides a low cost of living, while still being a destination place for shopping, dining, art, and entertainment. If this description fits you, then come join our team in Spokane, Washington as our Chief Developer of Digital Products for a company that is a leader in the media industry—The Spokesman-Review. As the Chief Developer of Digital Products for the SR Media design team, you will have the opportunity to supervise and coordinate software projects for a team of web developers. You will take general guidance and goal statements from company managers and develop a detailed plan to … Read more