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San Francisco,CA,United States

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Tesorio is a cloud-based platform that provides financial automation and cash flow management solutions to help businesses better manage their cash flow.

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Senior Backend Engineer at Tesorio

Remote: Yes | Relocation: No
San Francisco,Ca,United States | Jan 13, 2022

### Job Description Our mission is to build financial management technologies that enable the world’s most important companies to grow more quickly in a sustainable way that’s good for people, the planet, and business. When companies have strong cash flow performance they can shift from short-term acrobatics to long-term growth and innovation. These are the teams that change the world by being freed to optimize for all of their stakeholders, including their employees, business partners, and environment. ### The Opportunity Cash flow is the toughest financial statement to understand but it’s fundamental to funding your own growth. We build the most intuitive and actionable tools for companies to optimize cash flow performance. Our platform analyzes billions of dollars of B2B transactions each year, users spend 70% of their workday in Tesorio, and we save finance teams thousands of hours. As a result, they can invest more confidently and anticipate their capital needs further in advance. We’re growing quickly and working with the world’s best companies and the largest bank in the US. We recently raised a $10MM Series A led … Read more


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